Creating the perfect dining table

Keith Fritz teaches you how to custom design dining tables

Presenting Showroom: Michael-Cleary

Keith will share his knowledge and experience on creating the perfect dining table. He will draw from the consulted sources below as well as his own background to expand students’ knowledge of dining table properties and functions. The dining table has a central role in clients’ home as the centerpiece to hosting gatherings spectacular, celebratory, professional, or intimate, and so its properties and placement must be thoroughly examined.

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Since 1999, Keith Fritz and his cadre of artisans have been privileged to craft custom furniture for the finest homes in America.

Every piece of furniture is fully customizable and made to order in our recently expanded workshop in Ferdinand, Indiana. We offer an extensive catalog to begin your bespoke furniture project with your favorite architect or interior designer, or work with the Keith Fritz design team to create your personal masterpiece.

Keith Fritz



Time: 10:00 AM

Location: Broadcast to Youtube and Facebook